This is for my bio @ age 51....

At 51, my days aren't butterflies fluttering & rainbows; sunflowers & unicorns. They're not prom dresses, pomp & circumstance, Skool Dayz with good & bad hair, sorority parties, marching bands & step shows.  Nooooooo, those days are memories now, although many people say, "I look young to be 51.

Thank you (Dana) DNA, for the grace in my face & neck because these bones feel it..LOL.

I created a space on Power904, so I can vicariously live life the way I want to; in a perfect world. 

"I love music", was a song by the "O'jays", and yes I do.  I grew up in a Capital city where the style of music: Go-Go; is undeniably a part of my soul.  A historic HBCU in northwest, housing a radio station still playing the best & uniquest music, that keeps the local population growing, between the hours of 7pm to midnight.

I've been writing poetry & short stories since early childhood.  Currently, my first novel is being processed for publishing.  I'm re-establishing myself back to the public workforce, maintaining an online business & keeping the content flowing on Sunday's for my listeners, as you wind your weekend down.


The invitation is always open on Sunday's. If you like listening to & enjoying the content on my platform, comment below or if you just want to say hello.  If you like Re(a)d Poet Sunday's, extend the invitation to friends and family.


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                                          Yours truly,


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